That magic and mysterious gift of our breath is a spiritual revelation; therefore, whether you know it or not, if you are breathing, you are believing.There was a quote on my bathroom wall growing up. It said “ Religion and politics are obsolete, the time has come for science and spirituality.”

I remember my father telling me that the “life spark” cannot be replicated. He is a doctor and a man of science, but he knew that we humans cannot give life.. it is given to us and taken from us. 

Now take a deep breath.. are you honoring that gift? Are you recognizing its sacredness? Are you thankful for it everyday when you wake up? If not, you may have forgotten the magic of our incredible existence. I am a free thinking liberal and lover of science, and I am also a Christian, because it is a spiritual practice that teaches, despite pain and suffering, to love and forgive and believe in healed relationships, and because of this belief I work towards making those things a reality. And it is hard work. But it does work. It allows for space and positive visualization and forgiveness and grace.

Faith does not mean accepting everything at face value, it means being grateful for the gift of life and choosing to believe in good and working towards making that goodness a reality.  Science is a beautiful search that utilizes the gift of our mind and it should be ignited by the love of life, the love of pursuing the mystery that created us. Science is chasing God.