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Ann Hoku Lyn Kona Trumpeter

Growing up I listened to Brazilian mix-tapes and jazz records, folk songs and R&B. In college I studied bebop and composition and spent years trying to find my own sound. I love writing and collaborating with other musicians, everybody bringing their unique flavor, history and style to the mix. All of these elements have created my unique style of music, something that reflects both the passion of my Spanish roots as well as the laid back feel of island life.

Composing and recording music is a way for me to escape the world and create a musical tapestry that is vibrant, colorful, alive and safe. I am an introvert by nature, and so composing music is a way that I don’t have to worry about what people think and I can just get lost in the music.

When I play the trumpet I go into a place of extreme focus, almost like a meditation. There is an extreme mix of physical control and creative freedom that happens. I always start with the breath and gratitude for being able to be a part of the magic of music, and then I say a prayer that I can communicate emotionally through the horn. While the trumpet allows me to express emotions and thoughts without words, when I sing I let go of myself completely. I don’t relate to physical self at all, I just get lost in sound and the feeling. I offer my voice as a gift and then let it go.

Music has always been that ethereal magic that connects me to something beyond myself. It is the thing that gives me hope in humanity. To me, music is a way of connecting to ourselves and each other in a way that almost nothing else can. Playing music and being aware of the power to communicate, transmute and uplift is a testament to the fact that we are better together than alone.

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