“To all my ladies headed towards the top, we keep on kicking and we just don’t stop.”

“Kickin It” has been a song in the making for seven years now. It’s is about overcoming and taking control of your own story. The story of this song began when I was twenty-one and living in NYC there was a magic and a spark of possibility in everything. I was finishing up college, interning at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and working as a freelance trumpet player. It was a time of no sleep and a whole lot of music and incredible people, delicious food and self-discovery. I was also writing music with lyrics for the first time and hoping to sell my songs to other artists.

Through a circuitous set of circumstances I was offered a chance to be a recording artist under Usher’s new label at that time. Unfortunately, I was also caught up in an unsupportive relationship that resulted in me losing myself completely. . After 7 years I ended up quitting music entirely and becoming a teacher in the South Bronx. I have no regrets and all of those circumstances have created a beautiful tapestry of people and experiences in my life and I am stronger now because of them.

It has taken me a long time to process everything that happened and to be able to express it clearly. This song serves as a reminder to myself and other women to listen to our inner voice and to never let anyone else define us.

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